On these pages I have listed a number of Scottish Country Dances. If you have any more you would like entered, please send them to Meredith and I will add them to this page.

List of Dances

Iona Cross  
The Falls of Clyde 

Falls of Clyde- Medley, 64S &64R

An around the room dance in lines of three as for the Dashing White Sergeant


1-4 All set with highland schottische setting

5-8 All dance back to back with person opposite

9-12 Two men dance half reel of four with their left hand partners (diag 1)

13-16 Repeat with right hand partners (diag 2)

17-20 Two men dance right hands across with their right hand partner and woman opposite

21-24 Two men dance left hand across with other two women

25-28 All dance six hands round, half way

29-32 All pass person opposite with right shoulder to meet another line of three

33-64 Repeat bars 1-32


65-68 All set twice

69-96 Repeat bars 5-32

97-100 All set twice

101-120 Repeat bars 5-24

121-128 All dance six hands round and back.

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Iona Cross (6 Couples) - Medley, 96S and 96R


This medley is danced in a 6 couple square set with 5C facing 1C and 6C facing 3C

1-8 1C, 5C, 6C, 3C dance parallel reels of four up and down the set

9-16 Facing couples dance back-to-back while side couples (2C & 4C ) join hands and advance and retire. Facing couples dance half rights and lefts to change places - 1C, 3C face out the sides ready for...

17-24 Couples who are now facing dance parallel reels of four across the dance

25-28 The four dancers in the middle dance a RH wheel with the two nearest dancers on the outside

29-32 The two couples in the middle dance LH across once round while the outside couples circle 8 hands 3/4 of the way round to the left (this circle is quick and is often replaced socially by a 3/4 CW chase) 3 times strathspey and 3 times in reel time

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1314 - 64S+64R Drewry



1- 8 All pass partners RS and dance interlocking reels of 4 around the set (banana reels)

9-16 2C,4C dance a Petronella turn and set while 1C,3C turn partners RH into promenade hold and promenade half way round between the setting couples. 2C,4C dance a Petronella turn and cross RH to place while 1C,3C dance half a RH wheel back home

17-24 1C,3C dance half a Petronella while 2C,4C dance half a promenade and half a RH wheel

25-32 All circle 8 hands round and back

33-40 All set and turn partners RH, set and turn corners LH, ladies finish facing out for ....

41-56 All dance Schiehallion reels

57-64 All turn partner RH, corner LH, partner RH and corner LH


1-56 Repeat as above

57-64 Turn partner RH for four bars, turn partner LH for four bars

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