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I was born and raised in The Pas, Manitoba (I won't say how long ago, but I do remember the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show ). From there, I wandered off to the University of Manitoba for a Bachelor of Science degree and then, being a sucker for more punishment, went back and obtained a Master's of Natural Resources Management degree. I was then turned loose on the world to make my mark on it.

I worked with the Opasquiak First Nation for 3 years. Although, the circumstances are not identical, the CBC television series North of 60 does give a lot of insight into Native communities and politics that surrounded my day-to-day work with the First Nation. 

Banner 10000032After a few years, I decided to try working in Africa. I worked for the Government of Botswana with the Ministry of Local Government and Lands, in a little town called Kasane, next to the Chobe Game Park and spent my weekends at Victoria Falls. Deciding that a two year safari was enough (elephants, elephants everywhere!), I decided to head on home - with a couple of detours first. If you want to visit some of my detours, check out the links  for some great safaris and journeys or be an armchair traveler and read a book. 

Wandering back from Africa via Zimbabwe, Egypt and Greece, I found myself in the wilds of Northwestern Ontario working for the Provincial government. During this phase of my life I lived in Sioux Lookout  and visited such exotic and intriguing places as Fort Severn, Pikangikum, Wunnumin Lake, Sachigo, Big Trout Lake and many other northern Ontario First Nation communities. My last Canadian town of residence was Kenora. Here is a little tourism information on the area if you want to go and visit Sunset Country and tune in to North of 60 on CBC television to get a feel for the far north.

My next great adventure has taken me to Chicago. I work as a graphics specialist during the day, a scout leader/mom in my spare time and what ever time is left over, I am an Independent Business Owner.  If you want to view a great, on-line business opportunity (or just want to shop) stop by QUIXTAR. Use PASSCODE 1848878 to view the site (It has a Canadian and American components).

I am not entirely homesick for Canada yet, although Sunday mornings aren't the same without Coronation Street. Meet everyone at the Rover's Return and find out what Betty puts in her hot pot.

I sure miss The Royal Canadian Air Farce on the CBC on Fridays. Its the only way keep up with Canadian politics and current events. A good dose of Canadian-style political satire would keep all politicians in order.

In spare (!) time, I try to work on my family tree, which considering the number of relatives I have, is a big challenge. As more family members get on the 'net, communication improves considerably and my work in progress might actually get done someday. I have just started a family webring to link our websites together.

In keeping with my roots, I have developed a keen interest in all things Scottish (which may explain why I am marrying a fellow from German stock - wait till I serve him haggis). I was a member of the Kenora Scottish for the past two years and participated in Scottish Country Dance. It is a lot of fun and I recommend it for anyone who loves Scottish music and dancing. While dancing I either wear the Armstrong or Lamont tartan.

If you have any information on the Lamont (Lamb), Armstrong, Grieve, or Spencer families from England, please send me email.

Keeping in line with my interest in all things Celtic, if you haven't had the opportunity, please give a listen to the Rankin Family, Loreena McKennitt, Clannad and Enya.. Also checkout my Celtic links page.

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