Welcome to Meredith and Jim's Electronic home.
Meredith and Jim's interests, hobbies and work run a wide gamut. We hope you take your time and explore of few of these items we have decided to share with you here in our electronic home.

We have our own weather station in our backyard. We post to the Weather Underground, so our extended family can see what the weather is today in "sunny Florida".

You can find many Meredith's items of interest on her pages. Meredith is a graphic artist and you can find examples of her work here. You can also find her resume ( hint ) and Scottish dance pages.

Meredith and Jim are also a photographers and sells their work through various stock photography houses. See the links on this page for the various stock houses where she sells her photography.

While Jim's Genealogy hobby can be found by following the previous links. Here is where Jim spends the majority of his time ( AT&T Chief Security Office) during the day and on weekends he is out camping or volunteering with the Boy Scouts. Check out the thesis he wrote for his Doctorate of Scouting Arts from Lord Baden-Powell University.

Some of the other things we do are:

* We assist people in photo and document restorations.
* Archiving of photographs / documents to CD-ROM.
* Product photography for small businesses
* photography and database management for home inventories

While we both are busy with hobbies, we are also Independent Business Owners. If you would like to see the business opportunity firsthand please go to . Use passcode 1848878 to log into the VISITOR'S VIEW.

Otherwise, if you are just interested in shopping for gift certificates for various occasions stop by our websites Gift and Incentive Albums.

We can help you build a healthy lifestyle at the Health and Beauty Zone or even color your life with The Art of Color.

We have started collecting several groups of items:

* Harmony Kingdom Treasure boxes
* Advertising Labels that have Indian, Scottish or local (Lake/McHenry Illinois counties) companies themes.
* Misc. items of family or local origins.
* We also search for extra-terrestrial life. Do you want to participate? If so, drop in to the folks at Berkeley and link your computer up to

Please feel free to contact us if you want additional information concerning any of the above items or have something we may be interested in adding to one of our collections.

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